Standard Development Life Cycle
Analysis Phase
Standard Procedures

Most of the footwork was done identifying the "AS IS".  Now a detail analysis can be done for
each function.

What will need to be done, is a background analysis by obtaining or maybe creating organization

charts and generating an organization function list, all with names and duties of the org charts.

With this information, a fact finding mission will need to be started.  Identify all the files
associated with this function.

Contact and interview the user to help identify the purpose of the files and if needed, obtain
more definition of the fields.  Spends some time with him or her and observe their day to day

With all this information, put together a Fact Analysis Report.

Organize all the reports and present the information to the department of the function and get
their approval of the findings.  Once approved, if possible generate a prototype, from the new
system to show how the same function will look.

Also in this phase, following your Standard Naming Conventions, you will need to reserve your
file names and program names.  

The prototype will be proof of concept and will be the basis of the
Design Phase.

This process will need to be done for each function identified.  The document in the Design Phase

will have a Module System Design for each function.

Benefits of the Analysis Phase.

  • Hands on research with the users
  • Fact Analysis Report
  • Data Base design and ownership
  • More definition of project plan and costs
  • Prototypes helping the business see what is to come