Data Queue -  A repository of data entries.   These data entries are monitored and read by a Data Queue
Processor.  (Caution: The Data Queue will be empty after a System Restore.)
Data Queue Processor – An independent interactive job.  Monitoring its Data Queue for entries and
determining the appropriate routine or process to execute depending on the entry.
Trigger File - A file with a Trigger Program reacting on an insert, delete, or update.  AS/400 ADDPFTRG
command was attached to the file.  An image, of the data in the record, will be passed along to the
Trigger program.
Trigger Program - Reacting on an insert, delete, or update from a Triggered File.  The program will read
the buffered data an execute the appropriate routine or process.  This buffered data is the image of the record
from the
Trigger File.
Standard Procedures
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