Standard Development Life Cycle
Standard Procedures
This is how you start any project. This was initiated as a good idea.  Maybe and improvement on
an existing process, a request from someone in the business, manual effort that can be
automated, a requirement from upper management, or a legal requirement.  In any case, this
idea had been requested to IT and this will be the basis of the project.

The initiation of a project begins when an idea or need of a business function improvement is
requested to the IT group.  “We have something in place now but it should be more efficient. “  
“The software we are currently running just isn’t meeting with today’s standards.”  “We are
required by our customers to have this process developed.”   “I need to have all our
applications be integrated with each other.”  These are all examples of needs from the
business.  Not a new idea but an idea for an improvement to what currently needs to be

What you have from this is:
  • Who needs the change
  • What is the request
  • What is the scope
  • Who will pay for the change

With all these questions answered and verified you will proceed on to the
Feasibility Phase.

Benefits of the Initiation Phase.
  • Defines the objective and scope
  • Defines the value of the solution
  • Defines the sponsor
  • Defines your budget
Initiation Phase