Standard Development Life Cycle
Standard Procedures
Post-Implementation Phase
Just like the phase is named, this phase will be done after the Implementation.  The question is,
when should this be done?  

If you do it too soon, you may not have enough information to assess.  If you do it too late, it
may be irrelevant.  So you to determine the most advantages time for this final phase.

It is best to wait for at least a full period end cycle.  

At that point in time

  • Everyone has used the new system
  • All Scheduled Batch Jobs have processed
  • Any missing processes will have been discovered
  • Enhancements will have been defined
  • The noise of any post changes have settled down
  • Management has had time to reflect on how the project went
  • Users of the system have determine if it met their needs
  • The quality of each process can be assessed
  • The overall costs will be determined

With this information you can determine

  • What went well?
  • What improvements could be done?
  • Was there enough time in the project plan?
  • What resources were missed?
  • Were there enough resources/too many?
  • Were all the resources utilized properly?
  • Was there adequate training?
  • Was there adequate testing?
All questions, suggestions and presentations should be done in a constructive manner.  This
phase is not to gripe about the past but an opportunity for improvement for your next projects to

Schedule your review session and have all these questions sent out ahead of time for everyone
to reflect upon.   

Benefits of the Post-Implementation Phase.

  • Good business sense
  • Users appreciate the opportunity
  • Learn from the project
  • Brings closure to the project